September 2019

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This month I begin my travels with my multi-media production, "Here's to the Women!".   This program features live original music, readings, and images highlighting the struggle for the Nineteenth Amendment, here in the West and beyond.  A detailed description, reviews, songs, and a wealth of other information on Suffrage is available our Suffrage 2020 page.

We'll began the first week in September, visiting five libraries in North Central Washington. This will be followed by an October tour in Oregon and California. Check my Upcoming Events page for the details of where I'll be.  I am so incredibly grateful that Scott will be traveling with me as driver, roadie, techie, loving companion and all-round super-hero!


And here's some exciting news!  Ten years ago, Kristin and I, accompanied by Phil Heaven, made a recording of eight traditional Suffrage songs for the KSPS, Spokane, documentary, “Courage in Corsets: Winning the Vote in Washington State”. This collection, called Failure is Impossible, is now available to download or just listen to.

Kristin and I will be sharing a concert on October 24, at the Chukanut Center in Bellingham, and I am really looking forward to it.  For the first time in our musical history, Kristin will be equally sharing this concert, rather than Kristin  just backing up Mom. Her songwriting and performance are exquisite, and she has garnered quite a following. I am honored to be sharing this concert with her.   We’ll be sharing a concert again in London, England in April.

May you be blessed with the fullness and promise of this  glorious season!


To listen to tracks and read about each song, click on the image above.

To listen to tracks and read about each song, click on the image above.

“Allen’s life work uncovers the injustice, focuses on that and brings song to help mend and move through our life cycles. Congrats to Allen on fifty years.”

— Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys
“Linda Allen: Hear Her Roar”,    Entertainment News Northwest, April 2019   .    Read the article here.

“Linda Allen: Hear Her Roar”, Entertainment News Northwest, April 2019. Read the article here.

I'm so happy to let you know that "The Rainy Day Songbook" is now online here on our website!

Back in the late 1970s, when I was newly arrived in Bellingham, I put together a CETA grant to create the Rainy Day Songbook and an accompanying cassette.  I worked with the Whatcom Museum, the library, and a  host of wonderful musicians, some of whom have now passed on.  The Rainy Day Songbook is long out of print, but I recently found the master for the cassette, and Phil Heaven re-mastered it.  With copyright considerations, it is not available to download, but you can listen to it all.  The Songbook is only available used, but some of the highlights are also online.

I have just loved hearing these voices from out of the past. For a taste of the fun stuff that’s in this collection, click on on the audio track to “Silver Tip” just to the right.

To access all the songs on the album, go to our Washington, My Home link and click the ‘Listen” button.

Have fun!